My name is Elvira Jane, I am married to Drew, and we living in the south west of England (in a very untidy home).  We have two children, four dogs, two chickens, and one ferret.

As I get older, I find I have a much greater appreciation of nature and the simpler things in life.  I love watching, and listening to, the wildlife that visits our garden; the sound and sight of the ocean, when we visit our little caravan.  I even enjoy hanging my washing outside, on the line, and I’m grateful to mother nature for helping me with my chores.

I love crafts, and I have a few skills (mostly amateur level), but there are plenty more I want to learn.  So far, this is what I can do: Hand sewing, dressmaking, crochet, pattern designing (dressmaking and crochet), knitting, drawing, photography, cross stitch, decoupage, cake decorating, needle felt.

A few crafts I have tried, but need more practice at, are: Bobbin lace, paper cutting, wood carving, spinning, weaving, macramé, kumihimo, lucet, paper beads, polymer clay, origami, calligraphy.

Crafts, and skills, I want to learn: Silver clay, stumpwork, stained glass, handmade paper, cabinet making, yarn dyeing, painting, candle making, basket making, singing, dancing, driving a horse-drawn carriage, medicinal use of plants…

Drew & Elvira

Photo by Vikki Nuttall

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