Top Hat Fascinator by Elvira Jane

Lovely review of my crochet Top Hat Fascinator pattern. Thank you so much Itchy Crochet 😀

This pattern is available to purchase, in UK or US crochet terms, from my Etsy shop; ElviraJaneQ

Itchy Crochet

Top Hat Fascinator by Elvira Jane

RRP £3.30

James C. Brett Marble chunky

4mm hook

Full disclosure; I have a bit of a professional crush on Elvira Jane she designs the most amazing sculptural crochet and when she started publishing patterns I HAD to make one. I think this fascinator looks amazing with my locks, even if I do photograph appallingly

2016-05-24 20.27.52 I blame Crochet Widower for taking the photo

The pattern is very well written and is quite an instinctive design, the use of crab stitch really makes the brim stand flat (can something stand flat?). Crocheting tightly can be a strain on your hands if you are unused to it, I have wrists of steel from all the amigurumi I make, but since this is such a quick project I can’t see it being too big a problem for anyone. With full instructions given you really can’t go wrong with…

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About Elvira Jane

I am a self-taught Crochet Designer, specialising in free-standing sculptural crochet. I'm striving towards a simpler life, where I can appreciate and co-operate with nature. Small steps, but I will get there!
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  1. itchycrochet says:

    You are more that welcome.

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