Granny Squares – getting back to basics

I taught my self to crochet, as a child, using 1970’s craft books such as Golden Hands and Good Housekeeping.  My only problem was that my natural tension is very tight.  Eventually I decided to put that tight tension to good use, taking it to the extreme, and I began to design and make free-standing rigid pots and vases, which I refer to as Sculptural Crochet.

Sculptural Crochet Jug ~ designed and handmade by © Elvira Jane

Free-standing Sculptural Crochet Jug ~ designed and handmade by © Elvira Jane

I am always crocheting and I rarely go anywhere without it.  But, in the last few weeks, my crochet mojo seems to have taken an extended holiday!  It’s actually rather unsettling.  I’ve tried to start projects but I just end up undoing my work.  So, I decided to take my brain out of gear and get back to basics and make something for my own home.  This, of course, means a good old granny square throw/blanket.  Up to my craft room I went and grabbed handfuls of yarn and began throwing colour at granny squares.

Colourful Granny Squares

Colourful Granny Squares

I decided on a cream border and I’m joining the squares using the flat braid method.  This method allows me to flit between making squares and joining them together as and when I want to.  I don’t usually take on large projects like this, because I get bored, but I’m really enjoying this one.  I’ve got 16 squares made, and I think I’ll need another 38 for a good sized throw/blanket.  You can see from the photo that the squares are a bit squiffy.  As this is for myself, I am not looking for perfection, so I decided to save time and not block the squares.  I just want something colourful, and warm, and blocking won’t enhance either of those qualities.

Granny Squares joined using the Flat Braid method.

Granny Squares joined using the Flat Braid method.

Sometimes it does you good to get back to basics. 🙂

About Elvira Jane

I am a self-taught Crochet Designer, specialising in free-standing sculptural crochet. I'm striving towards a simpler life, where I can appreciate and co-operate with nature. Small steps, but I will get there!
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