An Island of our own…one day…maybe!

Our dream is to live a fairly isolated existence and I’m always keeping an eye out for such properties that come up for sale.  It’s daft to be looking right now, as we won’t be moving until my husband retires which is over seven years away.

Yesterday I found that the 19 acre Island Of Gigalum is currently on the market for offers over £450, 000, and it set my heart racing and head dreaming again.  It’s been on the market for some time, so I don’t know how I missed it before.

Gigalum Island Image from Rettie & Co

Gigalum Island
Image found on Rettie & Co

We want a simple, back to basics lifestyle and we’re very gradually gearing up for it.  For example; our tumble dryer packed up about three years ago and we didn’t replace it (wow…what a saving on the electric bill), then the dishwasher went a couple of years ago; we installed a wood burner and use our own logs and homemade paper bricks.  It’s small steps, and there’s lots more to do, but hopefully it won’t be a shock to the system if we do end up somewhere that has no mains services.

As part of our off-grid plans, we will be getting our veggie patch back in order, and I have a Pinterest board where I am gathering tips and ideas for all aspects of off-grid living. We know that it will be hard work, but we’re so excited at the prospect of a simple life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking technology.  The things that can be achieved nowadays, through technological advances, are incredible and in some cases lifesaving.  I just think that we are taking it all for granted on a day to day basis, and the pressures of modern life mean we crave convenience and quick fixes to problems: We turn the heating on rather than adding another layer of clothing; we jump in the car for short journeys instead of walking or cycling; we flick the lights on when it’s only a little dimpsy; we buy too much food and end up throwing far too much away.

I hope this doesn’t come across as preaching, because it certainly isn’t my intention, it’s just my view of things.  These are changes that we want to make, the type of life we want to live, and it certainly doesn’t suit everyone.

About Elvira Jane

I am a self-taught Crochet Designer, specialising in free-standing sculptural crochet. I'm striving towards a simpler life, where I can appreciate and co-operate with nature. Small steps, but I will get there!
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