Genealogy Links

This is a list of links to websites for family research (mainly UK).  I have included my experience of some sites, but I have not used all of them.  I will add to this list as and when I find new sites.


Registration required ~ Subscription required ~ Ancestry have websites geared up specifically for different countries (check which suits you best) ~ Extensive collection of civil registration index, parish and other records ~ Numerous scans of original documents ~ Create a family tree (public or private) and attach records and photos ~ Connect with people and share information.

I have subscribed to this site for a number of years, and I have found it to be very useful. The down side is that I have come across many transcription errors; some are justifiable mistakes (poor/faded writing), others are simply sloppy reading/typing. That said; you can add corrections to assist future researchers.  I am a bit wary of using the family trees, for my research, as some people simply copy incorrect information from one tree to their own.  Some records used to be free to view, but I’m not sure if this is still the case.

Family Search

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ Numerous worldwide parish records, these are mostly transcriptions, but you can sometimes find images attached ~ Some records link to external sites (which may be pay to view) ~ Create a family tree (registration required, but no fee) ~ Contribute to indexing of records (registration required).

I have found this a most useful website for parish records.

Find My Past

Registration required ~ Subscription required ~ Numerous UK civil registration index, parish records and other UK documents ~ Create a family tree.

I have previously subscribed to this site, and although they have some records that aren’t available on Ancestry, I found that Ancestry was more useful to me.  I also found the search facility very limited, but this may have changed.

Free BMD

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ UK civil registration index ~ Transcriptions only.

I found the quality of transcriptions to be better than Ancestry.

Free Registers

 No registration required ~ Free to search ~ UK parish records ~ Transcriptions only.

Some counties have numerous results, other very few, but definitely worth checking.

Genes Reunited

Registration required ~ Create a family tree (free of charge), which can be shared with others on an individual basis (small annual subscription required) ~ Some records are available, but I believe this requires further payments (I have not used this area of the website).

I have found a few distant cousins through this website, and have gained some detailed information for my family tree, and shared photos and documents too (via direct email with contacts).

Guild of One-Name Studies

No registration required to search names ~ Links to external websites ~ contact names for specific studies ~ Registration is required to get involved with the projects.

Irish Genealogy

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ Irish civil registration and parish records.

Norfolk Transcription Archive

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ Parish records ~ Transcription only.

Online Parish Clerks

Cornwall * Devon * Dorset * Essex * Kent * Hampshire * Lancashire * LeicestershireSomerset * Sussex * WarwickshireWiltshire

No registration required ~ Free to search.

Scotland’s People

Registration required ~ Pay to view ~ Scottish civil registration and parish records ~ Transcriptions and some scanned images.

I have found some good information on this website, but I didn’t find it very easy to navigate.  It’s been some time since I last used it, and it may have changed.

Surname Database

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ Find out the background and meaning of a surname ~ Find alternative spellings.

West Somerset Parish Register Transcriptions

No registration required ~ Free to search ~ Transcriptions only.

Recommended by a friend.

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