Tambour Embroidery – a new hobby

I was introduced to Tambour Embroidery (and Tambour Beading) by a friend of mine, who used this technique for the detail of her daughter’s wedding dress.  I was struck by the beauty of the work, but thought I would find it too delicate a skill for my hands.  In the end I just couldn’t resist and I ordered a hook.  I already had some netting and an embroidery hoop so, when it arrived, I got stuck in!

Tambour Embroidery – chain stitch

I chose a Clover latch hook, to get me started.  I’m a fan of Clover products, especially their aluminium Amour crochet hooks, so I was confident about this purchase.  It’s a reasonably sturdy, yet light weight, tool with a comfortable wooden handle.  Hooks are easily removed, and replaced, using the screw on the side.  This item is supplied with one hook, a plastic storage tube and instructions.

Ideally, you would use a fixed hoop, or stand, for Tambour work.  I don’t have one, so I opted for my 4 inch embroidery hoop which is easy to hold, quite firmly in one hand.  Netting seemed a good choice, for a first go, as the holes are large and neat, creating a useful guide for stitches.  I followed this basic stitch tutorial, by Mary Corbet, which I found most helpful.

About Elvira Jane

I am a self-taught Crochet Designer, specialising in free-standing sculptural crochet. I'm striving towards a simpler life, where I can appreciate and co-operate with nature. Small steps, but I will get there!
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5 Responses to Tambour Embroidery – a new hobby

  1. Krista Kemp says:

    I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogging Award. Please go to https://fromfoodstampstoafuture.wordpress.com/2015/06/10/the-versatile-blogging-award/ for details. Feel free to participate. Congratulations!

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  2. Pat says:

    A fascinating craft! Pat xs

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